Following A Tooth Extraction, What Should I Do?

An image of a tooth extraction taking place with dental tool grabbing a tooth.

While it is always the goal of a skilled doctor to save and restore a patient’s natural teeth, there are times when that may not be possible. When teeth are decayed or diseased due to cavities or other reasons, it must be extracted to preserve the persons oral and overall health. Following a tooth extraction, […]

How Many Teeth Can Be Replaced By Dental Implants?

An image of an older man sitting in a dentist chair and smiling.

Having an amazing, full set of teeth that are healthy, bright, and straight, with little to no imperfections, is the type of smile that most people would want to have. A beautiful smile impacts a person’s overall appearance, self-confidence, and even their overall health. However, when people have a smile that is chipped, damaged, or […]

By Getting Dental Implants, Can I Avoid Jawbone Resorption?

Dentist pointing at a jawbone model to a dental patient.

When people have one or more missing teeth that are left untreated, several issues can affect their oral and even overall health. One key issue that comes with having missing teeth is jawbone tissue loss and resorption. Jawbone loss and resorption can lead people to have a sunken in appearance in their face and jaw […]

The Parts That Make Up A Dental Implant In Toms River, NJ!

An image of a dental implant on an x-ray.

Dental implants are a trusted and reliable tooth replacement option for a variety of reasons. The parts that make up a dental implant in Toms River, NJ, are what makes dental implants a great dental implant option. A good way to understand why this restorative solution can effectively replace one or more missing teeth, is […]

Following A Tooth Extraction, You Should Get Dental Implants In Toms River, NJ!

An image of a woman who received dental implants.

Whenever possible, dental doctors like to save natural teeth. Unfortunately, some teeth are too damaged or diseased to treat, so they need to be extracted. Extracting adult teeth, however, can cause other problems later, including jawbone loss, trouble speaking, oral hygiene issues, and tooth infections. This is why, following tooth extractions, patients should get treated […]

Will My Smile Be Stable And Comfortable With Implant Supported Dentures?

an implant supported denture model all on four implant posts.

When people are looking for a reliable and permanent way to replace their damaged or missing teeth, then they should look no further than implant supported dentures in Toms River, NJ. Dental health is an important aspect of overall health, and implant supported dentures can play a major role in restoring the health of a […]

After Getting Dental Implants, How Can I Take Care Of Them?

a full mouth dental implant patient smiling with a toothbrush.

Dental implants in Toms River, NJ can be very beneficial to patients, making them a preferable tooth replacement option over implant supported dentures. Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that can give patients a natural looking new smile. They also do not require any special maintenance and can be cleaned just like natural […]

If I Don’t Get Dental Implants To Replace My Teeth, What Can Happen?

dental implant prosthetic being placed on dental implant posts.

Dealing with one or more missing teeth? For those who have missing teeth, they should consider getting treated with dental implants in Toms River, NJ. However, when people do not replace their natural teeth with dental implants, the beauty, health, and functionality of their smile ca be negatively affected. Continue reading to learn what could […]

If I Get A Bone Grafting Procedure, Can I Become A Dental Implant Candidate?

a doctor holding a dental implant model with blue gloves on and pointing at the dental implants to show patients how they can become candidates for dental implants after they have a bone grafting procedure.

Sometimes, people are told that they don’t have enough jawbone density to successfully get treated with dental implants. Luckily, when people have low jawbone density, they can become candidates for dental implants in Toms River, NJ when they first get treated with a bone grafting procedure. With a bone grafting procedure, people’s jawbones will be […]

Before Getting My All-On-4® Dental Implants In Toms River, NJ, Can I Get Tooth Extractions?

an x-ray image of a patients smile after they have had their unsalvageable teeth extracted and replaced with All-On-4 dental implants in the lower and upper arches.

When people have hopeless teeth, it is important for them to get those teeth extracted so that their mouth remains healthy and functional. Before people can even get successfully treated with All-On-4® dental implants in Toms River, NJ, they may need to have tooth extractions. Continue reading to learn more about why people may need […]