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Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

You aren’t happy with your smile. You’ve always thought of dental veneers as a kind of indulgence that only models and movie stars could afford. Though veneers can make your smile more beautiful and healthy-looking, they also bring many functional benefits to your teeth.

At Advanced Smile Dentistry in Tom’s River, NJ, expert dentist David Basar, DDS, offers many ways to improve the health, function, and beauty of your smile. Here’s why veneers might be the most practical choice for your dental needs.

Veneers strengthen teeth

If you have chips or cracks in your teeth, they’re susceptible to damage by bacteria that use those small holes and breaks to enter the inner portion of your tooth and cause an infection. Dr. Basar applies porcelain dental veneers to the outer surface of your tooth, which prevents bacteria from entering the cracks.

The veneers also add an extra layer of strength to your tooth. Even a hairline crack in a tooth could cause a fracture if you bite something hard, like a carrot or an apple. The veneer’s porcelain shield stabilizes your tooth so that a small crack doesn’t get bigger.

Veneers help you chew better

Over time, you may have worn down the biting surface of your front teeth. If you grind your teeth at night, a condition known as bruxism, your teeth may not be even any longer. That can change how efficiently you bite your food.

When your teeth are uneven, that can affect how well your jaw closes, too, or on which side you bite your food. Keeping your teeth even with veneers preserves the health of your bite. If you do grind your teeth, Dr. Basar recommends sleeping with a custom-designed night guard to protect your veneers and natural teeth.

Veneers correct tooth gapping

When you have gaps between your teeth, more of your tooth’s surface is open to cavities and bacterial infection. As you might imagine, treating and filling a cavity that’s on the inner or outer edge of a tooth is more difficult than treating a cavity on one of the flat surfaces.

Veneers close the gap, creating a more attractive and safer smile. The edges of the veneers wrap slightly around the sides and chewing surface of your tooth to protect them from bacteria.

Veneers save you from over-bleaching

If your teeth have a tendency to stain, you may try to brighten them with over-the-counter whitening treatments. If you aren’t getting professional teeth whitening, you could wear down the enamel of your teeth from over bleaching.

Veneers not only cover whatever stains you already have, they’re resistant to new ones, especially if they’re porcelain, so you can enjoy highly colored foods and beverages, including coffee, red wine, and berries.

Veneers are easy to care for

You treat veneers just like you would your normal teeth: Brush twice a day, floss once a day, and come to the Advanced Smile Dentistry twice a year for an exam and professional cleaning.

To find out how dental veneers make your smile more attractive and functional, contact us by calling 703-214-6570, or use our online message form.

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