What Should You Look For In A Dentist In Toms River, NJ?

What Should You Look For In A Dentist In Toms River, NJ?

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Experiencing a dull, yellow, misshapen smile or missing teeth? If so, then you may be wondering what course of action should be taken to remedy this issue. A dental professional with a great skillset and expertise can help you achieve your best smile yet. However, selecting the right dentist in Toms River, NJ may be a bit tricky without the proper knowledge beforehand. Keep reading to learn more!

Selecting The Best Dentist In Toms River, NJ

Dentists are medical professionals that care for the overall health of your teeth. They can remove any diseased or damaged teeth, restore those teeth, and provide regular dental health maintenance services such as teeth and gum cleaning to ensure your pearly whites remain as such.

Additionally, dentists can play a vital role in your overall health as they are often trained to identify any underlying issues that may be present, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or certain viral infections.

You may be wondering what key characteristics to look for in a dental professional? Here are a few below:


A dentist should have extensive experience in executing various restorative services such as dental implant placements, veneers, and bone grafting, among others

Modern Technology:

offering advanced technology is another great option to look for when selecting a dentist. Advanced technology can assist the dentist in providing precision planning, execution, and follow-up healing processes to ensure your results are long-lasting

Comfortable And Compassionate Environment:

If you are anxious or nervous about your dental visit, options such as sedation services and a knowledgeable, understanding staff should be offered at a dentist’s office. This way, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to experience great, virtually pain-free care

With this additional knowledge, you can confidently select the best dental professional for your specific needs. Fortunately, this practice in Toms River, NJ offer all the above-mentioned services and more.

Advanced Dental Technology

To ensure that your dental experience is the best from start to finish, this facility uses advanced dental technology such as:

  • Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanners for everything from dental implants to root canal placement and wisdom teeth extractions
  • WaveOne® Gold system technology for root canals
  • DEKA SMART US20 CO2 soft tissue lasers for oral surgery, reducing recovery time and risk of infection
  • 3Shape Trios® digital scanners for veneers, crowns and bridges, eliminating the need for messy impressions

Dental Emergencies

Dr Basar and the team offer emergency dental services which are a great option for those sudden life occurrences such as chipping a tooth, trauma to the mouth (ie sports related, etc), or sudden tooth loss. Dr Basar has extensive experience in the smile restoration or makeover field, including executing procedures such as Invisalign®, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, and teeth whitening, giving you a myriad of choices to select from to get you into your best, brightest smile yet.


Choose the best dentist for your needs today!

Having a trusted dentist is so important, so you should choose our facility for your next dental need! Get in contact with Dr. David Basar, DDS, in our Advanced Smile Dentistry office to schedule an appointment today!

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