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What’s Included in My Dental Check-Up?

Devoting yourself to your oral health through regular brushing and flossing is essential. But even if you brush and floss regularly, use an antibacterial mouthwash, and avoid sugar, you still need routine dental cleaning to get rid of bacteria.

Getting your teeth cleaned professionally can help protect against gum disease, cavities, and other severe oral health conditions.

During your biannual teeth cleaning, David Basar, DDS, acts as your teeth’s first line of defense, searching for signs of tooth decay. At Advanced Smile Dentistry, our team of dedicated specialists are trained to maintain your oral health in optimal condition, preventing infection from spreading to other parts of your body.

If you’re one of many people who dread dental cleanings, consider how preventive care can save you from painful problems. Biannual checkups can help you avoid more severe conditions while keeping your teeth in excellent health.

Plaque that traps bacteria

Your mouth contains different microorganisms, some that are beneficial and provide a vital function in your digestive system. Other bacteria are harmful to your oral health and often form as a result of leftover food particles.

Plaque is a sticky substance that forms as a result of leftover food particles from your last meal. This plaque traps bacteria on your teeth and can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Brushing your teeth and flossing can prevent plaque from hardening and turning into tartar. But even the best of home care can’t get rid of all bacteria. Skipping professional dental cleaning could allow tartar to form and lead to:

  • Inflammation under your gumline
  • Excess bleeding
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Infection

If you already have advanced gum disease, scaling and root planing can prevent it from getting worse. This professional dental procedure removes plaque and tartar under your gumline.

Infections that threaten your oral health

Preventing dental infections starts with committing to biannual dental cleanings. When bacteria are left to linger, they can enter your bloodstream, causing more severe health complications such as heart disease.

Dull smile or chronic bad breath

Professional dental cleanings can keep your mouth feeling fresh and your teeth pearly white. Plaque and tartar buildup causes bright smiles to turn dull. Tartar holds on to stains on your teeth resulting in a yellowed appearance. Regular professional dental cleanings remove stubborn tartar and plaque.

What to expect during a dental cleaning

We begin by looking at your teeth and gums scanning for any potentially problematic issues like inflamed gums. We may take some X-rays to get a better look at the health of your teeth. After your X-rays, we use a metal tool to scrape harmful plaque or tartar buildup from the surface of your teeth.

Professional flossing and fluoride treatment follow, keeping you from developing cavities. Dental cleanings are recommended twice a year and are vital to protecting your oral health.

If you’re overdue for your next cleaning, call our office or request an appointment through our online system.

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